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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What a Mess (But Typical)!

This article by Henry Payne published in the online version of the Detroit News highlights perfectly the consequences of 1) government-driven economic policy in general, and 2) that policy as enacted by megalomaniac legislators with the economic education of toddlers. Reading this, one absolutely gnashes one’s teeth in rage at the lobotomized stupidity of demopublicans who bring economic havoc upon their constituents in order to fellate their preferred interest groups du jour (to put it crassly).

What I cannot understand for the life of me is the process of how one particular special interest group exerts its power at the expense of another, or how the various bought-and-paid-for inmates of the domed asylum on Crapitol Hill determine who gets what special favor at another’s expense. In particular, I am amazed that ConAgra, ADM, or whatever other agrimafia make up the ethanol lobby were able to force their agenda over that of the oil companies. I was always under the impression (as were, I think, many of the rest of us unwashed, ign’nt peasants) that oil trumped agricommodities anytime in terms of the fiscal war chest at its disposal. Apparently that’s not the case, at least today. Maybe it depends on which crook is bribed on which committee. Who knows?

At any rate, this represents, to me, yet one more nail rammed into the coffin lid of what little remnant of the free market remains in this country. I didn’t ask to burn ethanol in my car, especially not for the sake of keeping some pig-fornicating Iowa farmer in business through welfare subsidies who otherwise would deservedly go bankrupt. Get Rome-on-the-Potomac the hell out of our gasoline, and let Cletus the Redneck Farmer either grow crops that will earn him a profit without sticking his filthy fingers into my wallet, or let him get another job doing something else that will enable him to earn an honest living on his own.

By the way, I hope Cletus the Redneck Farmer enjoys paying three-plus bucks a gallon to fill up his oversized pickup truck, despite the fact that half of it consists of his useless damned ethanol (which, if it were really marketable and useful, wouldn’t need subsidies from Rome-on-the-Potomac or the use of Rome-on-the-Potomac’s brute force to make us buy it). Maybe he’ll stop to think that the subsidies he demands from Rome-on-the-Potomac every month come out of his own pocket too in the form of the taxes he pays on the gas he buys. Stupid bumpkins.

There, now I feel better.


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