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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Emperor and the Constitution

Apparently our megalomaniac Moron-in-Chief has finally come clean, at least within his own inner circle, and expressed his true feelings about the legal document that he swore an oath (twice) to uphold. I’ve only seen his statements reported, third-hand, here and here, and since there are no first-hand witnesses to verify Dubya’s alleged outburst, I find it perfectly understandable that the libertarian bloggers and pundits have not run with this fast, far and wide as one might expect. After all, we’ve been subjected to enough disinformation from the State itself and it would not become us to adopt the same methods as those whom we so often decry as irresponsible for not verifying the accuracy of their sources.

That said, I must say that I’m still compelled to believe that these reports are absolutely accurate. After all, what have this man’s actions shown us over the last four years if not blatant disrespect for and contempt of not only the Constitution, but the American people as well? Is it not perfectly obvious to anyone with a single functioning brain cell and working senses of sight and hearing that this infantile abomination, this figurehead of a shadow MICC regime run amok, intends to utterly annihilate the Republic that our founders sacrificed so much for and that so many Americans until recently treasured? I think anyone reading this knows the answer.

So to His Imperial Majesty I can only say: Thanks, Georgie. It’s about damned time you stopped insulting our intelligence. Stop wasting your time on platitudinous public speeches on freedom, speeches that wouldn’t hook an infant (although they seem to be fooling you and your Vice President on the lam) and that most Americans, graduates of the public lobotomy centers that your “No Child Left Behind” Act seeks to bloat with cash, don’t even have a clue or give a damn about. Just get down to the business of bullying the Potemkin Congress into rubberstamping your agenda. Hell, use the FBI, SEC, BATF, DEA, and every other federal storm trooper squad at your disposal. Blackmail, harass, terrify, dominate, control, intimidate, and torture, torture, torture, if you must! Who among these SS/NKVD wannabes charged with installing the new order would dare disobey a direct executive order to round up members of Congress on trumped up felony charges? Don't forget that your federal courts will render any verdict you want them to, so why worry? And please, don’t tell me you’re afraid of a loner like John Murtha. Start smearing the man, for Chrissakes! Isn’t that one of your and Karl Rove’s few fortes? Murtha’s a Vietnam combat veteran, right? Surely you can dig up an old war crime or two to pin on him when the moment is right.

Better yet, why don’t you just follow the example of your supposed idol, Ol’ Honest [sic] Abe Lincoln? I mean, heck, people still revered the Constitution one hundred and forty-five years ago far more than anyone alive today can imagine, but that didn’t stop Honest Abe for one second in his quest for absolute executive power. Go ahead, Georgie - start off by arresting those federal judges who ruled against your executive fiats. Next, shut down the few newspapers that aren’t towing the party line, and throw their staffs into the slammer (Bob Herbert and Maureen Dowd at the New York Times might make a good start, and their arrests won’t gain you many serious enemies in the process). Start having the FBI comb the web looking for dissident blog sites. While you’re at it, you might want to declare martial law in a state or two, although finding the National Guard troops to enforce it might be kind of tough right now, if you know what I mean. Do you really think anyone of importance or influence will complain? After all, we’re at war, you pansy! You said so yourself, ad nauseum, to the point where even today’s ADHD Americans couldn’t possibly forget it. You are “da man”, so start acting like it!

Come on, Georgie, get with it. People may not have liked Adolf, Uncle Joe, Mao, or Kim, but by God, they put their money (or rather, their guns and armed shock troops) where their mouths were and didn’t beat around the bush (oops, bad pun). That gained these tough guys a lot of respect from some unlikely quarters, so why not give your own saggy rep a new boost by showing some gonads and acting the role God has ordained for you? Goodness knows, with your poll numbers looking like a Chernobyl survivor’s sperm count, you certainly have nothing to lose by trying, which is not to say that poll numbers should matter to an emperor.

So go ahead and kick things off by tearing up the latest Congressional resolution on an Iraq withdrawal. After all, it’s just a goddamn piece of paper.