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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Out of the Mouths of Babes

With absolutely no prompting whatsoever from me, my grandson summed up the Bush presidency last night in words more appropriate than any pundit could ever muster. I swear on a stack of New Testaments that the following is true:

I was channel surfing and stopped on MSNBC for a second to look at a brief news segment that captured my interest. After it ended the subject quickly shifted to the feds' plan to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and featured a sound bite from the Smirking Chimp in which he pledged the entire federal treasury to the effort. At that moment my grandson, sitting on the couch with me waiting for me to switch the channel back to his cartoons, pointed to the TV and exclaimed "Don't want it, PopPop! Scared!"

What else could I do but give him the biggest bearhug I could without breaking any of his delicate little bones? Granny and Mommy heard it too and couldn't help but feel proud.

That's my little BooBoo!