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Friday, September 16, 2005

FEMA Asking for Donations?

I just paid a brief visit to FEMA’s (dreadfully designed) web site and noticed that there is a link to a page soliciting donations and volunteers. This leads me to ask two questions: First, what on earth is a federal agency funded by taxpayer dollars doing soliciting donations, whether for themselves or any other charitable aid agency? Second, why can’t these charitable NGOs for whom FEMA solicits donations do so on their own, or through another NGO such as United Way (not that I would recommend that organization)? I find it hard to believe that any of them would even want FEMA’s filthy fingers anywhere near their cash.

We’ve all seen what happens when the Federal Excuse-Making Agency gets its mitts on money and supplies; both disappear down a dark rat hole, like everything else the government takes, never reaching the people who most need the assistance. FEMA’s performance over the last couple of weeks is ample demonstration of that fact. More to the point, what on earth makes this rogue extra-constitutional body think it has either the authority or the wherewithal to collect or disburse funds from private citizens or corporations? The fact that it even continues to show a face to the public after this debacle is all the proof anyone needs that federal arrogance and stupidity know no bounds. I guess that’s just what we can expect from an organization that has the effrontery to believe that it can actually suspend the Constitution on orders from the president.

I urge you to write your representatives and senators today (or those from another state if yours are neocon fascists or ultra-left-wing statists) and demand that they sponsor bills in both houses to disband this foolish and deadly waste of taxpayer dollars.