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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Don't Let Them Ignore Us!

Michael Gaddy posted an excellent article on this weekend's in which he challenges Dr. James Dobson of the Christian Focus on Family organization to continue to defend his belief that the War in Iraq conforms to Saint Augustine's "just war" theory, which one of Dobson's spokespersons did in response to a challenge to FoF's position by one of Michael's friends, a lay pastor. Michael wrote FoF back and did a superb job in offering empirical evidence that not only does this war not meet the criteria for just war, but that the U.S. is guilty of truly heinous crimes well above and beyond those committed by Saddam Hussein, the reason for which we allegedly went to war in the first place.

Michael states that no one from FoF has responded to his rebuttal to FoF's position. I have just emailed Michael to inform him that I intend to write FoF, enclosing Michael's article as a reference attachment, requesting that they respond publicly to his rebuttal with either a re-affirmation of their own position, with their justification, or that they publicly acknowledge Michael's points as being correct, along with a retraction of their original position. I don't expect to see or hear a response, but I think it's important to let Dobson and FoF know that he and FoF do not represent all of America's Evangelicals and that some of us see through their nakedly partisan love of war.

If I get a response, I'll be sure to post it here!