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Friday, May 20, 2005

Yes, It IS Israel's Fault

Charley Reese, truly one of my favorite columnists, published a column online this week that, while dead-on in its accuracy and speaking what many of us know empirically to be true, will no doubt get him in a heap of trouble. I know Charley has better things to do with his time than fend off criticism from ovine morons who will reflexively smear him with expletives and invective, so I will save him the trouble of drafting a response and do it for him here. After all, I am not a professional columnist (heaven forbid!) and have no editor to placate, so here goes. This will go for the crotch, so faint of stomach, get ye off to another blog page!

Americans (sorry, that’s “Amoricons” from now on), as everyone with a functioning brainstem knows, are not the most savvy collection of mammals when it comes to understanding the cultures and attitudes of other peoples outside of the lower forty-eight. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in their attitudes toward the Middle East. Unable to pinpoint any Middle Eastern nation on a map, much less describe them in any detail, they have an inexplicably arrogant and cavalier attitude toward the “ragheads” of the region that, to those of us intimately familiar with these people, their language, religion, and culture, magnifies the Amoricon cluelessness manifold. Perhaps this has to do with the under representation of Arabs in general and Muslims in particular in the general population of the United States, at least until recently. I don’t know, but the ignorance of Amoricons about the region is inexcusable, especially if these people want to legitimize their image as omnipotent global saviors. But on to Charley’s main points and those that I’m sure will bring him grief.

Charley states that the root of our problems in the Middle East is our absolute bias toward Israel. This is so obviously true it isn’t even worth repeating. Yes, on occasion we have offered mild rebukes to Israel in response to some action that we think will embarrass us due to some sensitive powerplays we are making within the Arab world. Yes, we occasionally tell them that they’ve gone too far in some campaign against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. But we have never, ever done the right thing by threatening to withhold foreign aid, eliminate arms sales, suspend diplomatic recognition, enact embargoes, or any of the other aggressive actions we’ve taken against Arab regimes for far less serious transgressions. To think that the Arab world does not see this clearly is simply idiotic.

I can hear the inane responses now from the millions of clueless armchair diplomats who cheer on the Bu’ushist foreign policy. “The Arabs hate us because of who we are.” “Nothing we can do will ever satisfy them!” "They’ll destroy us all if given a chance!”

To people who make such responses I say: Think back twenty-five, or thirty years ago. How much violence by Arab terrorists was committed against the United States in those years? How many terrorist attacks by Arabs took place on Amoricon soil, deliberately targeting our citizens or their property? The answer is, almost zero. Why? Because up until about two decades ago the United States government did not consider itself to be a subsidiary of Tel Aviv. The State Department was not a branch of the Israeli Foreign Ministry; the CIA was not in bed with the Mossad. In short, we did not make the well-being of Israel the central theme of our foreign policy and thus made more of a point of staying clear of the insanity that is the Israeli-Arab conflict.

No more. Today there is nothing that Washington won’t do that isn’t first and foremost in the Sharon regime’s best interest. This could only be happening due to the very disproportionate influence of the Amoricon Jewish lobby. I often wonder how a group representing not even two percent of this nation’s population can exercise such power. Whatever the reason, it is inexcusable that this power be used to put the United States in a position that is clearly detrimental to the best interests of the country and its people.

To those neoconservative thugs who babble endlessly about “patriotism”, I have a challenge. Next time an Amoricon Jew (or an Amoricon Gentile of a certain ideology, for that matter) spouts on about our national obligation to defend Israel, ask them why Israel’s security is more important than that of the United States, or why the security of the two nations are even related at all. Ask them why (real) American men and women who have no practical stake in the existence of Israel should be forced to shed blood for that nation. Ask them why hardworking (real) American men and women who can barely make ends meet in this tax-and-inflation-ravaged country should be forced to open their wallets to subsidize a rogue foreign nation that not only produces nothing of direct benefit to them, but that often acts in a manner detrimental to their safety and security. Ask them why they shouldn’t consider themselves traitors for putting the interests of a foreign nation above their own. Finally, ask them why, if the nation of Israel is such a helpless sacred cow and is so essential to our own national survival, they haven’t emigrated to it, renounced their U.S. citizenship, become Israeli citizens, and taken up arms as soldiers in the Israeli Defense Force and put their money and blood where their loud, treasonous, idiocy-spewing mouth is? Don’t hold your breath waiting for a rational answer.

Charley is also spot-on when he highlights the fact that “rogue” nations like Iran are signatories to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NNPT) and routinely allow international inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency into their countries to roam at will and inspect any and all facilities involved in the production of nuclear power. The helpless sacred cow called Israel, on the other hand, not only is not an NNPT signatory, but routinely flaunts international conventions on the production of nuclear materials. Israel only gets away with this because it is under the protection of and playing sidekick to the big thug on the block, the United States, allowing it to play the punk bully to the small children in the regional playground. To put it politely, this strips Israel of even the sham moral authority with which it carries itself about with such odious sanctimoniousness.

Don’t even get me started on the blind, brainless support for Israel emanating from the so-called Evangelical Christian Right. Having never set foot outside of their own state (let alone their own country), what most of these inbred morons clearly do not understand is that Israel is an overwhelmingly secular nation, founded by socialist ideologues in mid twentieth century, and with a population only fifteen percent of which considers itself in any way religious. As for the notion that Israel must be “saved” because it is the birthplace of the Judeo-Christian faith, I can only say wake up and grow a brain. If symbolism is your concern, there are more holy relics of Christianity in Greece and Turkey than in Israel. Does this mean that America should blindly guarantee the defense of these two nations, no matter what the conduct of their governments? (Come to think of it, we probably would and already do).

Last but not least, up until we decided to stick our arrogant, imperial snouts directly into their territory by force of arms during the 1990s and early 2000s, not a single Arab nation had ever launched an offensive military act against U.S. forces or interests. But Israel has. Some of my readers may be familiar with the June 1967 attack on the United States naval ship Liberty by Israeli air and naval forces during the Six-Day War. Israel, with the support of its pseudo-patriotic Amoricon apologists, has always insisted that this attack was accidental, but the intelligence facts gathered during and after the attack and direct testimony of survivors prove that this claim is unmitigated Bravo Sierra and that the Israelis committed what clearly amounted to an act of war against the United States. Legitimacy of our naval presence in this part of the world aside, the attack and subsequent cover-up by the United States and Israeli governments proves the extent to which the powers that be were ready, willing, and able to sacrifice American lives for cheap political advantage. I had the pleasure six years ago of attending a speech by one of the survivors of the Liberty attack who told the audience, in riveting detail, what came to pass during those horrendous hours of the attack. To a soul, we went away absolutely convinced that the Israelis deliberately attacked the ship. The survivors of this group have also formed a fraternity which has been under constant legal assault by hired goons from the Israeli-Amoricon lobby who are determined not to let the truth get out in full or see that Liberty survivors are compensated by Israel for their suffering. Unfortunately, this courageous man's presentation was not recorded, but those of you interested in more detail should read Assault on the Liberty by James Ennes, Jr. (Random House, 1980), one of the survivors. I guarantee you that you will never feel the same way about U.S.-Israeli relations after reading this book.

I give Charley credit for being much more polite about this subject than is warranted. Like him, I will no doubt be branded an “anti-Semite” for my views. If the definition of “anti-Semite” is someone who disagrees in any way with anything an Amoricon Jew or an Israeli says or does (and this seems to be the accepted definition in Amoriconia today), then I proudly admit to being an eighteen-karat specimen.

Let the readers draw their own conclusions, but as long as the powers that be in this country allow a narrow special interest to dictate this country's foreign (and domestic) policy in favor of one rogue nation, this country will (continue to) suffer unspeakable consequences. It’s time to make clear that enough is enough!