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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Easter Weekend and My Anniversary

File under the “This Has Nothing to do With Libertarianism and Isn’t What I Came Here to Read” Column:

I’m sitting here today on my wedding anniversary marveling at the choices with which life can sometimes present us. Today happens to be my wedding anniversary. It also happens to be the Saturday before Easter. Normally there is no conflict between the two events, but due to an accident of the calendar the two coincide this year. This has led to some inconveniences.

My church is putting on an Easter egg hunt and mini-carnival today that they do every year as a way of reaching out to the community. We are a very small congregation of less than one hundred members, and everyone has been encouraged to help out, since last year over a thousand people showed up for the event (imagine disbursing over 25,000 plastic Easter eggs across a one-acre lawn, and you get just a small taste of the magnitude of preparing for this thing). While I had told our church leaders that I would be unavailable this weekend, they seemed desperate for the help. I had originally planned on going out of town with my wife for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary, a tradition we try to adhere to every year, but due to a combination of finances and scheduling conflicts this isn’t possible this year. This has given me pause to consider whether or not I should be helping out today, rather than getting ready to spend the weekend with my wife at the home of some friends nearby and dining out at the Italian restaurant where we had our wedding reception all those many years ago and where we are like family to the restaurant staff. There’s an obvious answer to this dilemma, but for some reason I still find myself feeling uneasy.

My choice, in this case, is to own up to my responsibilities as a husband, do the right thing, and take my wife out for a nice intimate dinner as a simple way to reaffirm my love and dedication to our marriage. Alternately, I can postpone this and do what some would be to consider service to the Lord and help out with His works. Simply logic tells me that the former is the only realistic choice. Some would disagree, although I would point them to Ephesians 5:25 (“Husbands, love your wives even as Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it”). Practicality also tells me that this is the right choice, as my wife and I have been going through very difficult times in our marriage for the last several months and that every little effort to strengthen it counts.

The bottom line is that any decision I make in this regard is my decision and mine alone. I can rationalize either one, but the onus of ownership for one’s decision is ever-present. If asked how my weekend went, I will simply tell anyone who asks, at church or elsewhere, that I spent a quite, thoughtful, peaceful weekend with my wife, a long-overdue and necessary event for the healing of our marriage. Whether or not anyone else accepts this as legitimate is their own problem. I have made the decision based on my perception of what is right and what is in my and my family’s best interests. No rationalization is necessary.

Well, I suppose there is at least an indirect relationship to libertarianism in all of this. We’ll just see how the evening goes. Hopefully the weekends events will vindicate everyone’s decisions.

Happy Easter!