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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Little Devil (Not Just a Costume!)

I couldn't help but post this of BooBoo's first Halloween costume. He wore this last year to his first Halloween Party, but this was his first year to go out trick-or-treating (you can't see the black horns very well, since the genius friend of ours who took this shot didn't think to move away from a dark background). Granny led the trick-or-treating expedition around the block and BooBoo made out like a bandit, so much so that he needed a second bag. I guess those big saucer eyes are what prompts extra generosity in people.

Now maybe by next year he'll understand that candy rationing doesn't equate to candy confiscation. I sure hope so, because the screams of indignation before bedtime last night could be heard all over the neighborhood (kind of reminded me of what I heard in reaction to gas prices a couple of months ago). That combined with a sugar high made for an "interesting" evening.

Hope everyone else had an enjoyable All Hallows Eve, especially if you have little ones.


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