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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Amending the Constitution

The title of this post does not imply what it seems to imply. This is not a call for legislative amendment of the founding document. God knows we’ve had more than enough of those over the last two centuries, most of them unnecessary or counterproductive. No, the title describes a little experiment that yours truly has wanted to conduct for a long time, one that my readership may consider sacrilegious but one that I consider long overdue.

My experiment is a careful rewriting of selected portions of the Constitution that I consider either too friendly to the State or vague enough to allow the State to assume powers not intended by the founders (or so we hope). In other words, I think the Constitution a flawed document in many respects, too “statist” for a real libertarian’s taste. Don’t worry, though; I’m doing this only to satisfy my own curiosity, not to start a new political movement. I’m sure others have undertaken a similar experiment in the past, though I’ve never seen or heard of them. Regardless, I would like to see what the Constitution would look like as a document fully supporting individual rights on all levels. I’ll be posting changes in small stages, starting with Article One, Section One on this blog. Please feel free to comment.


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