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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The LNC is Broken

For anyone who has not done so, I urge you to read Lew Rockwell’s article posted on LRC today regarding “statist” libertarians. Lew correctly states that the Libertarian National Committee, the national wing of the organized Libertarian Party, has taken a horrifyingly pragmatic and statist stance on issues for quit some time, most recently in its proposed exit strategy for Iraq. While I had glanced at this on a recent cursory visit to the Libertarian Party’s official website, I had not taken the time to read it in detail. Lew sums it up perfectly as a complete betrayal of genuine libertarian principles by "libertarian leaders" who have simply been “inside the [Washington, D.C.] beltway" for far too long. I believe that this is one of the primary reasons why the national LP has lost so many members (yours truly included) over the last five years. The LP as an institution has shown that it is fundamentally incapable of remaining an organization dedicated to the exercise of true libertarian principles and is also hopelessly inept at getting the libertarian message out to the American people (indeed, Steve Dasbach, the LNC’s former spokesperson and national committee chairman, actually once said something to the effect that since organizations such as the Cato Institute exist solely for the purpose of expressing libertarian philosophy and policy, it’s not the LNC’s job to “spread the word”).

Rather than be part of an organization that seems uninterested in doing anything but singing self-congratulating slogans with members of the choir, I turned in my LP card nearly five years ago, writing the LNC a long letter explaining why (a letter which, incidentally, never drew a response, which I considered strange for an organization allegedly begging for members). I’ve come since then to the conclusion that organized political parties such as the Libertarians are not what will ultimately restore liberty to the United States; indeed, the LNC will probably be marginalized or co-opted before it does anything of even remote significance that registers on the national radar screen.

Rather, we should all do what we can as individuals to “evangelize” (for lack of a better term) the blessings of liberty and the free market to as wide an audience as possible. Only when sufficient numbers of Americans realize the swindle that has been perpetrated on them over the last century and a half will enough of them get sufficiently angry to take action. For this they will not need a political party that has compromised its ideals. With that thought in mind, I would urge everyone to do what I’m about to do: get “evangelical” with as many of those around you as possible. That will accomplish more than any political campaign and will show better than anything else how much the individual can accomplish.


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