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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More on Bush, Dobson, and Focus on the Family

I don't know how fast and far the news has spread, but the National Republican Congressional Caucus fundraiser last night was attended by, among others, a porn star. In light of my recent challenge to Dr. James Dobson of Focus on Family to answer his critics' questions and justify his and his organization's support of Bush's War in Iraq, I sent them the following email today asking what action, if any, FoF intends to take in response to last night's highly questionable event:

I don't know if you are aware of what took place at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)fundraiser, but I came across this on WorldNetDaily today:

and this on FoxNews (which, to my surprise, actually mentioned the incident at all, though not as prominently as it deserved):,2933,159556,00.html

In the event that you choose not to read the articles behind the URL hotlinks, each reports on the attendence of the NRCC fundraiser by one Mary Carey, a well-known star of pornographic films who is considering a run for Lieutenant Governor of California next year as an Independent (so why is she attending a GOP fundraiser?).

My question is, given Focus on the Family's consistent support for the President, does the organization care to make a public comment about the GOP's choice of donors, particularly with the message Ms. Carey's endorsement sends to the GOP "faithful?" Does FoF intend to take the President to task for his indiscretion in meeting with Ms. Carey publicly, given his oft-stated committment to faith and family values? Also, do you intend to call for a moratorium on support or contributions to the RNC until this issue is explained or resolved?

You might want to suggest that the GOP return Ms. Carey's contributions as improper.

Just a thought.



I have no doubt that some will by now accuse me of "picking on" Dr. Dobson and FoF. However, I think that it is essential that an organization with as much visibility and influence as this one, an organization held in high esteem and held as an authentic source of faith-based counsel by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Christians be made to demonstrate its integrity. The FoF has long taken President Bush's claim of being "born again" at face value, never reconciling the man's words with his deeds. The NRCC fundraising dinner is yet another example of how the GOP has cynically co-opted the Christian movement in America with cheap talk and meaningless gestures, something that too many believers apparently value over concrete action. FoF has been a major player in this travesty and it is high time that they either 1) reverse course and denounce the Bush Administration for the hypocritical, Godless, warmongering dictatorship that it is, or 2) take off their mask and admit that they are nothing but a partisan front for the GOP and the neoconservative regime, dressing themselves up in order to legitimize themselves with a Christian facade.

I don't expect an answer to my query, nor do I expect to hear a word of the NRCC event to be mentioned on any Christian radio stations in North America, but you can be certain that some of us are going to start asking hard-ball questions of our fellow congregants who continue to "sieg heil", offer prayers for the Fuehrer, and swallow Rome-on-the-Potomac's transparent and hypocritical lies.


Blogger Convoluted Muse said...

Yet another great example of your willingness to ask the "hard questions" and seek truth and fairness in "all" circles. Thanks for a great post!

I am a Christian yet I feel betrayed by many of the "traditional" ministries out there who seem nothing more than mouthpieces for the GoP. I have no problem with them speaking their mind on any subject but, to openly and purposefully endorese one cantidate as, the "right choice", based on a moral and scriptural basis, along with an eye towards what the framers of our Consitution intended for our country, is, to me,ill conceived, at best, and disingenuous at worst. These groups, like FoF, have other viable options that are in line with traditional Christian values but are discarded because they do not offer the free ride the GoP offers them i.e. tax-exempt status. This, in my opinion, leaves a marked stain on the legacy of Christianity in our country.


12:50 PM, June 25, 2005  
Blogger HimOverSin said...

wow, tell us how you REALLY feel. Well, it's a RNC event, not a FoF event. RNC needs money and there were ppl there are republicans who support abortion, a few who support gay rights, etc. etc. FoF telling RNC what to do would be akin to me telling you what to post. FoF has nothing to apologize for. That's why it isn't a real big story. As far as being a "mouthpiece of the RNC" FoF has views that line up more with the RNC then the DNC. No conspiricy required. If I agree with my wife that we should go out to eat, she's not my "mouthpiece" just 2 people who share common beliefs. I do agree that FoF is too political and one-sided for the RNC. Though I occassionally listen to their show and they are critical of Bush on some issues like immigration and government spending.

12:35 PM, June 29, 2005  

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