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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Don't Let Them Ignore Us!

Michael Gaddy posted an excellent article on this weekend's in which he challenges Dr. James Dobson of the Christian Focus on Family organization to continue to defend his belief that the War in Iraq conforms to Saint Augustine's "just war" theory, which one of Dobson's spokespersons did in response to a challenge to FoF's position by one of Michael's friends, a lay pastor. Michael wrote FoF back and did a superb job in offering empirical evidence that not only does this war not meet the criteria for just war, but that the U.S. is guilty of truly heinous crimes well above and beyond those committed by Saddam Hussein, the reason for which we allegedly went to war in the first place.

Michael states that no one from FoF has responded to his rebuttal to FoF's position. I have just emailed Michael to inform him that I intend to write FoF, enclosing Michael's article as a reference attachment, requesting that they respond publicly to his rebuttal with either a re-affirmation of their own position, with their justification, or that they publicly acknowledge Michael's points as being correct, along with a retraction of their original position. I don't expect to see or hear a response, but I think it's important to let Dobson and FoF know that he and FoF do not represent all of America's Evangelicals and that some of us see through their nakedly partisan love of war.

If I get a response, I'll be sure to post it here!


Blogger liberranter said...


Just for everyone's information, I have sent the following letter to FoF:

ATTN: Mr. Timothy Masters or Dr. James Dobson
C/O Focus on the Family

Dear Sirs:

I had the opportunity over the weekend to read an article by Michael Gaddy, posted to, offering a rebuttal to your arguments in favor of the theory of “just war” applied to the U.S. war in Iraq. As a practicing Christian I have long respected Dr. Dobson’s and FoF’s mission to promote the health of the family through application of the Scriptures. However, I must take issue with the position taken in recent months by FoF concerning domestic politics in general and the War in Iraq in particular.

As I just stated, I have a profound respect for Dr. Dobson’s work in the field of psychology and family dynamics. His accomplishments in his field of expertise are many, and I would even venture to say that he is almost without peer. However, once he changes the subject of discussion from matters spiritual and psychological to matters political, the good doctor is clearly out of his element. While I need not repeat the Augustinian tenets of “just war” theory (Mr. Gaddy has done this more than adequately in his original article, which I have enclosed for reference), I find it quite disturbing that the doctor refuses to explain in detail why he believes the just war theory applies to the War in Iraq when the tenets of said theory clearly do not apply to America’s rationale(s) for waging war. Even more disturbing is Mr. Masters’ quote in the original letter serving as the basis for Mr. Gaddy’s article in which he states that “[w]here the Iraqi conflict itself is concerned, Dr. Dobson wants it known that his feelings on the subject are intense and deeply held. He realizes that there are many American Christians who do not share his point of view. Nevertheless, his own position is absolutely non-negotiable [emphasis mine].” I must echo Mr. Gaddy’s sentiments with the question: Does this apply to the doctor’s beliefs regardless of any factual evidence presented that disputes or disproves his point of view?

As Mr. Gaddy makes clear, such an attitude does nothing to enhance Dr. Dobson’s reputation as a man of medicine, science, and learning, not to mention his standing as nationally (if not internationally) renowned lecturer, author, radio commentator, and Apostle of Christ. It therefore seems perfectly reasonable that Dr. Dobson be able to articulate clearly for the benefit of his readers and listeners why he believes his position is philosophically, morally, and biblically sound. Those of us who share the belief that aggressive preemptive war is fundamentally unbiblical and morally untenable have gone to tremendous lengths to present and defend our case with facts, Scripture, and reason in several public venues. I see no reason why Dr. Dobson cannot similarly defend his own position.

In closing, I would like to challenge Dr. Dobson to respond publicly to Mr. Gaddy’s original letter, either by presenting a detailed defense of his position on the war and America’s role in it using empirically provable facts and Scripture to sustain his arguments or, in the absence of such facts or scriptural references, to acknowledge the factual basis of Mr. Gaddy’s position and publicly retract all of his previous statements in support of the war. If Dr. Dobson (and FoF as an organization) feels sufficient confidence in the righteousness of this pro-war position and has the backing of facts in evidence and Scripture as he claims, such a public defense of the war should pose no philosophical, moral, or practical problems whatsoever.

I look forward to seeing your response soon.

Yours in Christ,


2:47 PM, June 06, 2005  

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